Dear accompanying driver,

We here at believe that driving is a life skill, and that one can become a better driver with practice and experience. We encourage family members to take out a beginner driver for 15-20 minutes a few times a week. This will help them to gain experience and confidence, which encourages a safe driving future. Many people are often afraid to take out new drivers because of the possibility of a collision. Here are some helpful tips.

• Keep practices short and brief. No more than 30 minutes
• Wear running shoes
• Make sure the driver is well rested.
• Choose a quiet time of the day,  i.e. mid-morning and late evening on a weekday, or mornings on the weekend (Sunday morning the roads are empty)
• The ideal residential areas to start off a beginner driver include: old north, old south, and Byron (the residential area behind Tim Horton’s). There are a lot of stop signs and perfect to practise turns
• Always teach how to make a left turn first in the residential areas (no fear of curb)
• Start off in an empty parking lot (encourage them not to drive on the lines), and then move on to residential streets
• Encourage the beginner driver with positive feedback
• DON’T YELL.  Yelling at the beginner driver will only cause them to panic, get more nervous and could compound to additional mistakes.  Use a calm voice and avoid leisurely conversation
• Give them instruction well in advance; talk to them about what they see up ahead in the distance, and what they should do as a result
• When instructing them to turn, DON’T say Next Street; tell them 1st street coming up…… (It’s clearer)
• Encourage the driver to look ahead at their intended path of travel and not to look at the curb or line
If you have any questions or need help with the beginner driver’s lessons, please speak with the in car instructor or call the office and someone will assist you.

Thank You,